I’ll Take One Pastie To Go, Please

I must have passed a dozen signs in the Upper Peninsula for these things called “pasties” (no, not those kind) before I finally stopped to try one for myself. It turns out a pastie (rhymes with “nasty” but is oh, so good) is a folded pastry filled with meat and vegetables. Somewhat of a tourist attraction in the U.P. these days, it was originally a convenient staple for the miners in the 19th century. Mmmm, tasty!

After my hearty lunch, I crossed over the magnificent Mackinac Bridge  to spend a few days in northern Michigan. My favorite towns were easily Petoskey, Charlevoix, and Traverse City. Somehow I managed to navigate the tiny streets of Petoskey, fed two meters to park the Airstream, and played tourist for a few hours. What a cool little town! Next, it was off to Traverse City for a few nights at the KOA outside of town. I will have to go back when the cherries are in season. Thanks to a great recommendation, I stumbled upon a little dunes area near Mears on my way to the southern part of Michigan. That is a hidden gem, indeed!

The next several days were spent at Fort Custer Campground near Battle Creek. A buddy stayed with me for a few days of  golfing and grilling. We found a local brewery (Arcadia Brewing Co.) that makes great ales and also offered free Wi-Fi. In fact, many of the businesses in downtown Battle Creek offered free Wi-Fi. The entire region is struggling with the economy, though. According to a local, the state of Michigan has one of the highest rates of unemployment right now, and the Battle Creek area is the highest in the state. Other than the brewery and some of the golf courses, there aren’t too many other highlights for the area. So, yeah, there is not much of a chance Battle Creek will be my final home.

  • Grace

    Are you going to make it out to my old stomping grounds in Kalamazoo, Michigan? If so, you should check out the Bell’s Beer Brewery (I’m not a beer drinker, but it’s supposed to be quite good and the brewery itself is a nice place to hang out).

    Happy travels, and come down to Alabama soon! (I need you to take a look at my iphone, computer, gps, and all my other gadgets that have decided to break down simultaneously!)

    • Kyle Bolstad

      I actually did drive right through downtown Kalamazoo, but didn’t stop. Aaaah, yes, Bell’s – mmmmm! I will be down to Alabama sometime in the near future, don’t you worry.

  • Melissa

    We’ve enjoyed Pasties as well, courtesy of Ann who orders them in from somewhere in Michigan. I agree that they are quite good. Glad you are having fun and seeing lots of great places. We can’t wait to see you. Maya LOVES her scooter! Thanks, bro!