Miss Michigan

After logging 1600 miles around the state in the last two weeks, I can safely say I have seen all Michigan has to offer! And, yes, I will miss it. Instead of leaving Michigan last week as originally planned, I decided to stay and use my brand new annual vehicle permit for Michigan state parks. After leaving the Battle Creek area, I cut back across the state through Ann Arbor. I see why they call it “The Big House”. No, I didn’t get thrown in prison. The University of Michigan football stadium; that place is enormous!

I stayed on the shores of Lake Erie at Sterling State Park one night, and the shores of Lake Huron at Lakeport State Park the next. Both were perfectly fine places to stay, but neither one offered anything absolutely magical. For those keeping score at home, I now have four of the five Great Lakes out of the way; Lake Ontario will have to wait for now. I put on some more miles to get back to the west side of Michigan and stayed at a friendly KOA near South Haven. Libby and Tom DeRosa were the ultimate hosts! Thanks, guys! I had a chance to visit two beautiful towns while there, Holland and Saugatuck. Seriously, Saugatuck is especially worth a visit. It was a great way to end a great tour of a great state!

Sorry, not too many great photos to share. The weather didn’t really cooperate for the last week or so.