St. Louis – Uhhh, Wait – Galena, Here We Come!

The beauty of this whole adventure is the ability to change plans on the fly. With the weather in St. Louis not cooperating at all, we changed our destination to Galena, IL. After a late start from Chicago and surprisingly bad traffic, we didn’t pull into Galena until well after dark. And, with all the pull-through spots taken, I was forced to back into our spot (without scaring too many of the neighbors). Thank you, Kim and Max, for acting as human guideposts! Other than an embarrassingly noisy hitch, everything has gone rather smoothly. Seriously, I have to do something about that hitch; people were staring for all the wrong reasons! Here are some photos of the trip to Galena and Palace Campground (the oldest campground in the state of Illinois).

Oh, I almost forgot. It appears I may already have some people following my adventure. A friendly fellow camper, Jim, came over to help with the hitch, and after some introductions, said “Oh, you are that Kyle! We have been following your blog for the last month or so.” Apparently some of my SEO strategy has paid off. Yeah, needless to say, that was pretty cool to hear! And, Jim, thank you for all the great tips; I just ordered the same exact Blueline Ultimate Sewer Kit you had. Wow, I can’t believe my life now involves researching the perfect sewer kit!