The Rain Falls Mainly in the Plain

The last week was generally spent avoiding wind shears, rain storms, tornadoes, hail; you name it. Serious storms moved through the Great Plains, and I was lucky enough to drive my home right through the middle of it all! I keep a close eye on the weather with my iPhone, pay attention to weather reports, and ask the local campgrounds. So far, so good!

I slept in one state park, one Good Sam’s, one KOA, two private campgrounds, a driveway, a basement, and one Wal-Mart parking lot! I had some great barbecue in Kansas City, Kansas (yes, the Kansas side) and bought the new iPhone 3G S in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Apparently I missed Nebraska City, Nebraska. I nearly ran out of gas while searching for an open gas station in the middle of Kansas. Seriously, who closes at 8PM? I spent some time with friends in Ogallala, Nebraska and found an absolutely incredible golf course, Bayside Golf Course, just outside of town. And, finally, I spent a few days in Fort Collins, Colorado to hang out with my sister, brother-in-law, and adorable niece. Overall, I covered five Great Plains states in nine days.

This little adventure has also been a great excuse to finish my goal of golfing in every state in the Union. I found some gems in Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, and Wyoming to reach a total of 30 states so far!

  • Grace

    ANOTHER iphone? How many does that make for you? The least you can do is use the new camera to post some cool videos soon (although the stills you’ve posted so far are pretty breathtaking- looks like you’re getting in some great sightseeing). Looking forward to seeing you when you come down south (although you should probably stay away for the time being, since we’re still in the triple digits).

    • Kyle Bolstad

      Yeah, I am a total “techno-slut”. I sold my old iPhone on eBay for $300, so that is how I can justify the new one. I will have to test out the video on it.