My “Remember…” List

After two and a half years of full-timing it in the Airstream, I have compiled quite a list of “less than stellar” moments. As you can see, I tend to do something at least once a month that makes me just shake my head in amazement.


  • April 28 Remember to secure latch, so blender doesn’t fly out of pantry and shatter lamp
  • April 29 Remember that lighted cabinets will singe pillows if stuffed absolutely full
  • May 2 Remember to lock cargo container, so two backpacks don’t fly out on open road
  • May 2 Remember to empty gray water tank, so shower doesn’t back up with water
  • May 3 Remember that shower rod can’t hold bag full of heavy items
  • May 4 Remember that dirty dishes left in enclosed space will eventually smell like death itself
  • May 20 Remember to crank up stabilizer before moving, so it doesn’t rip completely off
  • June 9 Remember the weight of the awning will snap the bar right off if it slips
  • June 27 Remember to check hitch stabilizer, so it doesn’t fall off driving down the road
  • July 4 Remember to make an advance reservation for all popular holiday weekends
  • August 8 Remember to remove sunglasses and concisely answer Customs agent to avoid detainment
  • September 10 Remember to back up s-l-o-w-l-y and watch for cement walls that suddenly appear
  • October 31 Remember to secure all liquid containers — say, red wine — before driving down the road
  • November 2 Remember to make sure dump station isn’t clogged before attempting to dump black water
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    Miss Michigan

    After logging 1600 miles around the state in the last two weeks, I can safely say I have seen all Michigan has to offer! And, yes, I will miss it. Instead of leaving Michigan last week as originally planned, I decided to stay and use my brand new annual vehicle permit for Michigan state parks. After leaving the Battle Creek area, I cut back across the state through Ann Arbor. I see why they call it “The Big House”. No, I didn’t get thrown in prison. The University of Michigan football stadium; that place is enormous! read more >>